Q:What is love hotel?

A:Its similar to Motel. But, the payment will be received after you stayed at the hotel.

Q:How long can we stay just for taking a rest?

A:For the details,

you can check on our price list.

But please understand if you stayed for 24 hours or more,

the price will change to lodging fee.

Q:Can we go outside?

A:Of course. You can go out after we received the payment.

You can ask about it at the front receptionist.

Q:Do we need to bring our own staying needs such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc?

A:in the guest room, we already prepared the high quality staying needs,

so please use it freely.

Q:I want to use it between women, is it possible?

A:It is possible.

(Basically, the price is for 2 people per room, so for 3 or more people,

per person will be charged extra 50%)

Q:Is it possible for one person per room? I want to stay when i'm on business trip.

A:Of course.

Q:Does paper moon have a non-smoking room?

A:Yes, we have non-smoking room.

(please use room number 203, 303, and 305).

Q:Is karaoke system installed in the guest room?

A:Some rooms have karaoke system installed. For details, check on the touch panel.

(the karaoke can be use until 11pm).

Q:Does Paper moon have food service?

A:For now, we don't provide any food service.

Q:Can we order or bring our own food?

A:Yes, you can.

Q:Can i make phone reservation?

A:We do take phone call reservation,

but currently we do not have staff who can speak in foreign language,

it will be wonderful if you could contact us via chat service.

Q:Can we book via website?

A:Yes you can. Please book via Aimo, happyhotel, couples, Booking.com sites.

Q:Can you please explain about special holiday season fee?

A:Golden week, obon, Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival,

new year holiday fee will be considered as special holiday season fee.

We will inform you if we approaching those holiday season above.